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Mortal Combat and Other Epic Stories of Nigerian Lawmakers


Reps-FracasBy now the boxing service or comedy show staged by Federal House of Representative should be an old story. Instead of the tragedy the country is facing, the House of Representatives members have turned the House into a comedy floor where they did exchange punches; tearing one another’s clothes to shreds, and frankly speaking, turning to shameless characters. Maybe the next election should make an insightful character check so hooligans/boxers do not become the next members elect, come 2019.

During the 7th session they scaled fences. And as if this was not enough, last week it was another.

The recent Dogara/APC comedy show did not only give Nigeria a national disgraceful show but as usual, international media biguns were on the look to craft their stories of the next epic tale that is coming from Nigeria Federal Houses: House of Senate and its wing brother.

But here is the current show on the twitter as a foremost blogger, Japhet Omojuwa, goes on to ask Dr. Abdulmumin Jibrin, current member of the House on twitter handle:

‘@AbdulABMJ when are you people going to fight again? I am speaking to boxing promoters who are scouting for our telents. ‘However, the question was followed by a subtle call for change and interestingly social media tease in capitals, ‘LOL’.

Hon. Jibrin, in explaining and playing defense mechanism on the shameful act, expressed his disgustful feeling on the fight: ‘@Omojuwa quite painful…I wish some of our colleagues will ever realise how much of a shame that was…completely unacceptable.

Feeling guilty about this shameful montage, Mr. Jibrin went on to apologise on his twitter handle on the drama that happened in the sacred floor of house which was flouted by his colleagues. This was however done after omojuwa enthused that the lawmakers have refused to apologise to millions and children who are looking at the televions while the lawmakers turned Mayweathers on the floor of the house.