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Mourinho Will Never Fake What He Feels For A Player – Jose Morais


Jose MourinhoJose Morais has come out to hail Jose Mourinho for being understanding and warm as a football manager.

Mourinho’s former assistant hailed the Spurs boss amid reports that Kane could be set to leave the club.

According to Morais, Mourinho concentrates on the team, not on rumors on social media and he expects him to discuss with Kane to make sure he is concentrating on Tottenham amid the links.

He added that Mourinho is a special manager who never lets a play down because he never fakes what he is or how he feels.

His words, “His focus is on his team, not on rumours,”

“Rumours will always exist and he can even joke about rumours.

“But his concern is about how his team can perform in terms of achieving the goals they can achieve and what contribution the player can give to the goal. He will make sure the contribution the player can give is not affected with the rumours existing outside.

“Probably he will have an approach to the player that will make the player focused on the task while he is there. This is the way he works. He is understanding and a warm coach. He understands that every individual in a certain moment in life has his goals.

“For sure, he will know about what Harry Kane wants for his future and he will be as supportive as he can to help him achieve what he wants.

“This is what every player coached by Mourinho that left the club has to say, he is a special coach. He never lets a player down. He is honest in his feelings. This is a great quality. He will not fake what he is. He is what he is. Everyone knows what he is. Also, he is a coach to understand the reality of every individual.”

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Morais, who was part of Mourinho’s staff as Inter won a memorable Serie A, Champions League and Coppa Italia treble in 2009-10 before following his countryman to Madrid and Chelsea, added: “It’s fantastic to work with someone like him. For me, he has skills and qualities that are special in my point of view. Leadership and management, he is an example for any other manager.

“The influence that he can have on players in creating an impact, make them champions, is fantastic. He does it in a very particular, simple way. He has character, charisma, a lot of knowledge about how to coach players with different kinds of ideas. He is capable of putting them together to make a strong team and create a winning mentality. This is what makes a manager special.”

“People have feelings about things they’re seeing and they make comments,”

“This is his way to win. He knows so much about football. He was experiencing so many situations that he can create the football that suits the needs of the club and team in a certain moment. If the team will be able to play the football he really wants, I think people will be pleased with this football. In certain moments, what is important for him is to be pragmatic and to win the game.

“He was always someone that wanted players to be positive. He always gave them a free role to take decisions and be creative. He also thinks it’s important to have the responsibility that whatever you’re doing in the game, there’s only one objective, that’s to win the game. This is the reason why he is one of the most successful coaches in the world. He wins games and competitions. If you want a coach to win competitions, he is one of these coaches. It’s difficult to compare with because he wins.”