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Mufc Has No Excuse For Losing 6 – 1 Vs Tottenham – Evra

Patrice Evra
Patrice Evra
Manchester United legend, Patrice Evra has come out to say that some key figures on and off the field need a good slap right now.

He recently revealed that the performance vs Tottenham was so terrible that he feels like ending his punditry career because he is so lost for words.

According to him, he will not blame Ole alone, since the club’s structure as a whole and club captain, Maguire have not been blameless as well.

He added that there is no excuse for Mufc to lose that scandalously vs Spurs and the players have all let the club and fans down badly.

His words, “Alexis Sanchez said a comment, where he signed for United and after his first training session he asked his agent to rip up his contract,”

“That is what I am going to ask Sky. I would really like to rip up my contract [after that].

“I’m passionate and I love my club […] but this is a shambles. Gary Neville, you hear him say that Maguire needs a holiday, a break. We always talk about pairing him with someone, but what about taking him out of the squad?

“I don’t want to start to criticise players. I’ve been there. But tonight, there is no excuse. They have let down all the United fans. I don’t care about the result because I have been beat 6-1. It’s just… every year is the same story. I feel like all the United fans right now. It’s why I’d prefer to commentate on a different game than United if I keep working for Sky.”

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“Nothing. Nothing! I’ll be honest, I feel sad for the manager. After this, we’ll talk about the manager and who’s going to be the next one. But what about the board? Since Ferguson left, all managers have been sacked.

“So is that the solution? It feels like every year, you’re going to talk about whether Ole is the man. Maybe he’s not. Maybe he is. But we don’t know about the transfers, we don’t know if he’s a puppet – we don’t know! Because we won’t get players like Sancho, we don’t go for the right prices. It’s like if I’m going to buy a car. I know the price.

“But what’s going on with my club? What’s going on today? I’m really emotional. It’s difficult to break me. I’m a positive person. I’m not one to promote violence but many people need a good slap right now. That’s what I would do right now.”


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