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My Recent Injuries Have Affected Me Mentally – Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin DeBruyneManchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that he feels blessed to be back from injury to net a goal for Manchester City to win the FA Cup, as he also admitted that his recent injuries have exhausted him mentally.

KSB suffered successive knee ligament issues throughout a season in which City became the first English men’s team to complete a domestic treble, winning the EFL Cup, the Premier League and the FA Cup.

His words to BBC, “It feels a bit like an honour,”

“After the Tottenham injury, mentally I was done.

“Five injuries in a year is a lot. But after a couple of days I was ready to be back with the team and help them win the title and in the final game and this game.

“I feel somewhat blessed to end the season in this way and show everyone that I am still the same and hopefully next season will be better.”

On how he feels about the treble, he said, “It’s fantastic. It means you are the best in your country by far because you won all of the competitions, so yes, we’re very happy with this season.

“It doesn’t matter if we win 1-0 or 5-0, there’s always space for improvement.

“Next season we’ll try to get better, to win even more titles, to control more the games, have more possession, create more chances, score more goals.

“We’ll work on that.”