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People Said I’ll Squander My Money, But Heritage Bank Is Proud Of Me – Mercy

Mercy EkeBBNaija winner, Mercy Eke has set a new record you should know about.

The reality star recently became the first housemate to have a customized number plate with her nickname written on it.

Flaunting a picture on her social media account recently, she wrote, “Make Way.”

She added that Heritage Bank is currently proud of her because her cash prize is very safe with them.

Her words, “I’ve been working really really hard lately. God has been amazing and I can probably say the money is still intact.

“Yes, the money was a motivation for me because you know, a lot of people from here and there will say, she’s a woman, she’s coming out, she’s going to eat her money, she’s not going to work hard, she going to spend it because everybody knows I like to dress up, I like good things.

“So, they all had that in mind. Oh she’s gonna squander the money, she’s going to throw it around, she’s going to party. But as God may have it, that’s why I always use God, so as God may have it, that money is somewhere and it’s bigger than what it was before.

“And the bank is proud of me. It’s a new bank they created for me to fill in that money. Right now, Heritage Bank is proud of me. From what was there before and what is there right now, I know they must be really proud of me, yeah”

See the photo,BBNaija Mercy Eke

Congrats to her.