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Pirlo Will Succeed At Juventus – Gianluca Nani


Andrea PirloEx Brescia director, Gianluca Nani has come out to back Andrea Pirlo for success at Juventus.

Gianluca recently revealed that the new Juventus boss actually reminds him of Pep Guardiola.

According to him, the Italian boss might not be experienced enough, but he definitely has what it takes to succeed at his new club.

He added that Pep also had an identical attitude as a player, so he would surely be a smart and intelligent coach.

His words, “He has a strong character,”

“He doesn’t talk too much so people think that he is silent but it is not true he doesn’t talk.

“With team-mates he is always on the meter, he’s always the leader, lots of charisma and he has a strong winning mentality. He is really positive and has such a strong mentality. For me, he will be a top coach, I really believe that.”

“He has a little bit of Guardiola [in him],”

“I don’t see Pirlo playing with long balls! I see him playing attractive, offensive football, that is how I see Pirlo.

“As a player he had the same attitude as Guardiola. They were different as a player but the same mentality, the same philosophy. That is why I think he will be that sort of coach. Try to play football, try to score more than the other, be organised, he is a smart guy and really intelligent.”