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Pogba’s Video Caused Mourinho Row – Periera


pereiraAndreas Pereira has told UOL Esporte that an Instagram post caused last month’s training ground row between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba.

Mourinho was reportedly angry with the France international after he posted a video on Instagram showing him laughing with teammates including Pereira during the game on Sept. 25, thinking it had been posted after the match.

“Pogba posted the video before and it was a video of him, me and Luke Shaw laughing,” Pereira said.

“We were winning 1-0 at the time of the video. Then we lost the game, and people said that Pogba had posted it later. But he posted it before.

“The manager thought that Pogba had posted it later. He asked him why that happened. There was an atmosphere about it.”

Pereira, 22, said the last thing he wanted was to upset Mourinho, adding: “Mourinho gave me a chance, he told me: ‘I want you to stay here.’

“It would be like shooting myself on the foot to badmouth the person who gave me the first opportunity to play and still does.”
Pereira, who spent last season on loan at Valencia, said he and his teammates had a positive relationship with Mourinho despite reports that some players were unhappy with him.

“The relationship is good, it’s calm,” he said. “I have a very good relationship with him, with the players. He does, too, have a good relationship with the players.

“People don’t feel that pressure that those on the outside [press] do. Everyone says he’s being turned away. We do not feel it. For you to have an idea, I do not usually have any English media on my cell phone so I do not get intoxicated with everything they say.

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“He is our coach, we give our life on the field for him and he does for us as well. Everyone is very calm, very focused and very happy.”