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Racism Still Exists In French Football – Evra


Patrice EvraEx-Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra has come out to say that French football is not free of racism.

He recently revealed that several players still battle discrimination while on international duty.

According to him, it is very unfair to hide the fact that racism still exists in the country because it will not make life easier for the victims.

Evra added that racism has to be taken seriously because at one point he even received boxes full of faeces for being black.

His words, “We have to get Le Graet fired, because he really messed up,”

“I am obliged to reply to Noel Le Graet, I’m obliged to speak of the Chateau [France training base Clairefontaine], you know very well what happens there, how many racist letters do we receive?”

“One said ‘Didi take your monkeys and go to Africa’ how many messages like that do we receive? Yet, we hide them, I have seen some.

“We have even received boxes full of faeces.

“We have assigned places to eat, but every time the president or the politicians came, everything changed,”

“I was sitting there and all of a sudden they would put me at the end of the table, where normally Sakho and Sagna were, we had to change.

“They put Hugo Lloris, Laurent Koscielny and the president in the middle, but we knew they were the rules of the game, when the president wanted a photo it was better to be with Lloris and Koscielny instead of Sakho or Sagna.”


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