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Rooney Was Unpredictable And Clever At Mufc – Cech


Wayne RooneyEx Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech had come to say that Manchester United and Everton striker, Wayne Rooney is the toughest opponent he has faced during his career.

Cech recently revealed that he always made sure he was very alert when the Englishman had the ball because he was very unpredictable and very clever.

According to him, Rooney could chase, fight, run, shoot and this made it very difficult for defenders and goalies during football matches.

He added that he definitely loved the challenge that came with stopping Wayne from scoring against Chelsea.

His words, “Wayne Rooney. Every time we played against United I had to make sure I was aware every time he had the ball, because he was very unpredictable and very clever.

“He is a guy who can chase, who can fight, who can run, who is clever with his shot. He could score from the halfway line, he could try and chip you if you were too high. That was a challenge I enjoyed.”

On his Chelsea exit, “I was not happy at all,”

“I could see in pre-season how hard I was working. There was nothing obvious suggesting I wouldn’t be ready to keep my spot.

“But in a football team you can only have one goalkeeper playing every week, and unfortunately that was the way it went. Thibaut was regarded as the future of the club with all his potential and quality. I understood the choice was made, even if I didn’t think it was my time.

“Leaving Chelsea was the hardest decision I had to make. Having played for this club for such a long time, and becoming a big part of the history of the club, I always thought I was going to finish my career at Chelsea, or maybe leave for the last couple of years.”

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On the EPL, “The league has got more competitive,”

“When I came in 2004, probably the top 12 teams were very strong, with strong squads, and then it would really depend on the years for the other eight teams. For them it was harder to bring in international players.

“It started changing around 2007, 2008 when the Premier League’s dominance started. You would suddenly see international players coming to every team, even promoted teams. The league became a big attraction. Teams started getting stronger and stronger, and the competition became harder and harder every year. That has continued to this day. It’s what makes the Premier League the best.”