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Samsung Launches Smart Monitor from the Idea of its Smart TV


Smart Monitor, inspired by its TVs
Samsung launches the Smart Monitor, inspired by its TVs.

Samsung Smart Monitor
Samsung Smart Monitor

Today, Samsung announced the launch of its new Smart Monitor, a monitor running the company’s Tizen operating system, drawing some features from its smart TVs. The monitor attempts to combine work and entertainment features, with Samsung referring to it as a “do-it-all” screen.

Naturally, you can connect a PC to the monitor using HDMI, but the higher-end M7 model (32M70A) can also connect via USB Type-C, carrying a DisplayPort signal, data, and power up to 65W. If you use a Samsung phone, wireless DeX is also supported, along with features like Tap View and screen mirroring. The Smart Monitor also runs Microsoft’s Office apps from the cloud if you need to edit in a pinch, and it also supports remote access if you need to access a PC that’s located elsewhere.

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For entertainment, the Smart Monitor runs Samsung’s smart TV platform; so apps like Netflix; HBO; and so on are all available on the monitor itself; thanks to Wi-Fi 5 support and two built-in 5W speakers. It supports AirPlay 2 as well, so you can cast content from an iPhone, for example. It also supports Bixby, if you consider that a benefit.

The Samsung Smart Monitor is available from today in the United States; Canada; as well as China, with more countries coming before the end of the month. For now, there are two major variants. The M7 model comes in at 4K resolution and is only available in a 32-inch size, in addition to supporting USB Type-C. The M5 model only supports Full HD and it’s available in both 27-inch and 32-inch models. Currently, the monitor is only listed on Samsung’s website for business display solutions, so you’ll need to request a quote to know how much it costs.


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