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The Sky Is The Limit For Talented Bukayo Saka – Mikel Arteta

Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka
Arsenal midfielder, Bukayo Saka has grown massively as a player, Mikel Arteta has said.

He recently revealed that the talented youngster has been improving his game at a crazy rate recently.

According to him, he believes in Saka’s skill set as a player, and the feels the sky is the limit for a footballer who keeps striving to reach the next level.

He added that Saka is maturing really well and his communication with his teammates has also improved massively.

His words, “Absolutely [it’s been crazy] and this is down to all the good work that is being done at Hale End with him, with all the coaches, all the education that he’s been through here and then the type of character and player that he is.

“The way he’s maturing, the way he’s assimilating everything that’s happened to him in the last few months is remarkable. Physically he has evolved. He looks a little bit older, but then how he’s able to read the game, the situation that happens to him, how he resolves the situation, how long it takes to make those decisions.”

“His communication has improved a lot towards his team-mates as well because he feels more part of the team, he’s integrated, he feels important in the team I think.

“Then what he’s able to do with the ball in the final third when things get a little bit difficult, and how he approaches those moments is probably the biggest part of his game.

“What I like about him is that he’s very versatile, he’s really intelligent and that he adapts and has a lot of courage to play the game. It doesn’t matter which position he plays, he acts exactly the same way. He’s so willing to learn and ask the right questions that he can set his own limits.”


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