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Top Tips To Finding A Job Faster


Tips to Find A Job FasterLooking for a job most times can be very overwhelming, stressful and pretty much time-consuming. We all eager to have a perfect job, which not only brings financial stability but fulfillment and happiness. While everyone’s search is different, there are a few proven ways to get in the right direction.

So, here are 5 tips which will help you to improve your chances to get hired faster.

1. Get organized

Tips to Find A Job Faster Get OrganisedVery often job hunting is a race against a clock, so being organized is very important to stay on track in your search. One good technique is to get everything written down. Simply create an Excel spreadsheet and put down company name, relevant position, application deadline, date applied, if/when followed up and notes.

2. Do your research

Tips to Find A Job Faster Do Your ResearchBe informed about companies, industry and position you are applying for. These days, you can find almost any information online. Many companies post vacancies on their own websites, but there are many websites that consolidate a variety of job offers. For instance, Jiji.ng Job Vacancy is a great engine search for job seekers, there you can find the most new openings. Prioritize those job positions that you are qualified for.

3. Become social

Tips to Find A Job Faster Be SocialA recent survey shows that social networks can very much improve your chances to find a job faster. It is not enough just to create your personal profile – you have to use it smart. Make sure that your profile page is 100% complete. Use your summary to describe your career steps and your professional skills and qualities. Grow your network by connecting with companies you are interested in.

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4. Go networking

Tips to Find A Job Faster NetworkingIt is all about who you know. Networking events are great for job seekers. Remember it is a social activity, not formal interviews. Do not simply collect business cards, make conversations with people, make them remember you later when you reach out for them. Within 24 hours after the event, write a thank-you note to each recruiter you met.

5. Prepare for your interview

Tips to Find A Job Faster PrepareReview your resume and get your application materials in place. Practice possible interview questions, so you will be prepared to answer common HR questions like “why did you leave your previous job?”, “Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?”, “ What is your salary expectations?” and so on. Form your answer using this order: few words in general-statement-specify – example and wrap up. First impression is also important, so dress appropriately, and have a good luck on finding your dream job!