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Victoria Inyama Should Respect Herself More – Etinosa Idemudia

Etinosa IdemudiaNollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has blasted ex-actress, Victoria Inyama on Instagram.

Etinosa, as she reacted to Victoria throwing shades in her direction over her allegations and apology for a recent statement on Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries, called her jobless and old.

According to her, the veteran actress should learn to respect herself more by realizing how old she is.

She added that Victoria should stop exchanging gossip with kids on social media.

Inyama wrote, “When they insult their god daddy…apologies so you don’t miss out on a car, cash, house…Merciful God,”

“She recently desecrated the holy book. People believe in those books and their beliefs should be respected. She never apologised…but she is apologising to a man that uses the holy book…so she can abuse people’s beliefs, D word of God but apologise to Zaddy pay master…may God have mercy on us.”

Etinosa replied, “Dear jobless frustrated retired and old mother gagoon that doesn’t know her age and respect herself, always on Instagram exchanging gossip with kids, you said I never apologised.”

“With all due respect, you should have said ‘I don’t think she apologised or I doubt she apologised because I actually apolgosied profusely for the bible incident and it was published…ask google…am I the one who ruined your life?”