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Wolves Is Aware Of The Threat Bruno Fernandes Poses – Moutinho


Wolves player, Joao Moutinho has come out to play down comparisons with MUFC midfielder, Bruno Fernandes. Moutinho recently revealed that he is aware of the threat the 26-year-old will pose Wolves, and the club will be ready for him.

Bruno Fernandes

According to him, the comparisons should stop because they are both different players, and any notion of an underlying rivalry should be disregarded.

He added that Bruno Fernandes is a very good player and he is showing what he can do in England.

His words, “I started playing a long time ago, but of course we are players who play in the midfield, but Bruno has some characteristics that I don’t have, and I have some he doesn’t have, but it’s normal,”

“No-one is like anyone else – I’m not like Ruben Neves, I’m not like Bruno, I’m not like William [Carvalho], and it’s different. He’s a very good player, but he’s already showing in Manchester since he’s come that he’s doing a very good job.

“We’re going to play against them, and like I said against Tottenham, I will say against Manchester United – we want to win every game. Sometimes it’s not possible, but we’re going to try what we can to win.”

On Wolves, “We try to do our best against every team that we play. It’s true that we have good results against these teams, but every game it’s another game,” he added.

“We don’t know what we’re going to expect the next game, but what we do know is that they are a very good team, with very good players and each individual can do something else from the other, and make a decision in the match, score or assist, because they have very good players.”


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