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World Health Organization Create Awareness On Breast Cancer


The World Health Organization, has given update on the prevalence of breast cancer in women. WHO stated that the risk of dying from breast cancer before attaining 75 years of age, is 8.40% in females.

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

In respect of the breast cancer awareness month, the World Health Organization has given safety tips to achieve a cancer free society.

According to the World Health Organization, the regular in take of healthy diet reduces the risk of getting cancer. WHO recommended regular taking of fruits and vegetables.

WHO also identified regular physical activity as a risk reducing factor in getting cancer. Routine and exercise flexes the bones and muscles, which reduces the forming of cancerous lumps in the body.

The level of alcohol taken should be considered. Excessive taking of alcohol should be reduced to the nearest minimum.

The World Health Organization also recommended the personal examination of breasts. In doing this one hand should be used to hold the breast down, while the other hand should be used to press the breast gently, to feel for any lump in the breast.


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