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Zaha Needs A New Challenge – Roy Hodgson

Wifried ZahaCrystal Palace boss, Roy Hodgson has come out to say that Wilfried Zaha would relish a move away from the club.

Zaha recently revealed that the winger is very eager to find greener pastures after he was denied a move last season.

According to Roy, Wilfried is a very valuable and the club appreciates his value, but he has always made it clear that he wants a new challenge.

He added that if the amount is right, Palace will eventually have to let him leave after giving good service to the club for a period of time.

His words, “That’s the $64,000 question isn’t it? But it’s not just Wilf Zaha – there’s players in every club that come into that category.

“Wilf has made it clear, ever since I came to the club really, that he would relish a move and would like to move on and find some pastures new.

“But he’s a very valuable player and the club realises his value and appreciates his value and so really everything will depend I guess – as it always does – [on] what sort of offers the club is going to receive for him and how they will equate that with the need to keep him or the need, maybe, to satisfy his wishes, and allow him to go after giving good service to the club for a period of time.

“Quite frankly, I’ve got no answer to that question, it will be all a matter, I guess, of seeing what transpires.”

“I think he should [be worth the same amount], because he’s a very top-quality player,”

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“But, as I say, that will be a decision and matter anyway for [chairman] Steve Parish and the other owners of the club.

“They will have to take any offers into consideration and I’m pretty certain that I will be consulted. At the end of the day the final decision will have to be a club one.”