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The Top 4 Business VoIP Providers for 2014, According to Voip-Catalog.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 29, 2014) – Telecommunications is what can make or break a business from becoming successful. If a company is unable to get in touch with your business at a near immediate pace, they might very well choose to take their business elsewhere. Over the years companies that have been using landline services have realized how slow and expensive that service can be. Now, there are business VoIP providers that allow companies to make calls over the internet at a fraction of the cost from traditional landline providers. These business VoIP services save companies money and give them a ton of tools that can enhance their business and the quality of their relationship with other companies.

Business VoIP providers offer a great amount of additional features that can make small businesses operate like larger ones. The call quality is better than landline services and calls can quicker and in a more organized fashion. Business VoIP providers also have your clients in mind as well. Some providers offer services that allow for simultaneous ringing to multiple devices. This way, a call is never missed and the client can get in touch with who they need to, when they need to.

Choosing the proper provider can be difficult for businesses that may not know too much about business VoIP or VoIP in general. Analysts at Voip-Catalog.com put together a list of the top 4 business VoIP provider for 2014, to hopefully help those companies make their decision. The analysts looked at price, customer reviews, customer service, features and more. Here are the top 4 they decided on:

1) Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business Solutions was the top choice for our analysts because of their low prices, additional features and their stellar reputation among their customers. Another plus for Vonage is that they offer no contracts which allows their customers to use the service as needed without any long term obligation. 

2) RingCentral

RingCentral has the widest range of additional features on the market. Their cloud system makes telecommunications very simple for their customers and it gives them all of the tools they need to grow their business. Some of the features that come with RingCentral are auto-receptionist, audio conferencing, call forwarding and more. RingCentral has very competitive rates and their customer service team is ranked very highly among their users.

3) Jive

Jive’s services are directed towards saving businesses time and money. They offer some great tools to enhance the quality of calls including call transfer, call routing, auto-attendant and many more. Jive has a strong customer service team that is very knowledgeable of all of their products and services. Their plans start at $29.95 per device.

4) Mitel

Mitel’s MiCloud has great technology that can really assist business grow their relationships. Their service is easy to sign up for and install and their features are highly customizable to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. Their services are hosted in secure data locations which takes away the need to worry about important information becoming lost or damaged.

People interested in learning more about business VoIP providers can visit: http://www.voip-catalog.com.

VoIP Catalog.org is an authority VoIP Provider site that offers comparison tools to help businesses and residences find the best VoIP Provider for them.


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