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Ben Murray-Bruce Brought Arik Air Back?


Ben-Murray-Bruce11The media mogul turned senator has consistently voiced his preference for Arik Air, often castigating President Buhari’s administration for not patronising the local airline.

President @MBuhari I urge you to order your appointees to fly only Arik except Arik doesn’t fly to their destination #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) February 16, 2016

If FG & States spend a fraction of the over 80 billion they’ve budgeted for travels on Arik, Naira will appreciate #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) February 16, 2016

Few days ago, it was reported that the airline was suspending flights as a result of inability to buy Jet A1 fuel, as a result of either debts to oil suppliers or scarce foreign exchange.

As usual, Ben Murray-Bruce was very ‘troubled’ by the development.

By Wednesday morning however, the airline had resumed flights after announcing that they had issues with their insurance company.

Curiously though, the senator’s tweets as the story broke seemed like he thought he was personally responsible for the resumption of services.

On your honour, Sir?


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