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Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping set for Showdown at Border with North Korea

Indications are pointing the direction that China could engage North Korea following series of missile tests by Pyongyang and the refusal of its leader...
Chinese shopping mall

Chinese Shopping Mall launches Husband Storage Facility

Shopping with girlfriends or wives may be one of the most tedious chores for men. A shopping mall in China’s Shanghai Municipality has solved...

Lawsuit: Chinese Company Claims Apple Copied Its 100C Design For iPhone 6

It's tough for foreign companies to do business in China, so much that even Apple is having a hard time. After the iTunes Movies...

White Gold – China’s Love Of Ivory Is Helping To Fuel An Illicit Global...

The supply chain is complicated and often hard to trace, but it begins in the bush in Africa, where poachers kill an estimated 30,000...

China’s Currency Wars rattle African Economies, shakes Global Stock Markets

Since China’s devaluation of the yuan last month, an estimated $5tn has been wiped off global stock markets. Jolting financial markets, emerging and developing nations...

China, South Africa and the ‘Currency Wars’

By Al Jazeera China has devalued its currency once again sparking fears of a global currency war that is unsettling global financial markets. Emerging...
china stock market

Chinese Market Crashes As Pressures To Stabilise Increase

Following a plunge in economic meltdown, the Chinese stock market has plunged to a execrable length. If in days the economy smack down could not...

GSMA Announces Partnership with Shanghai International Information Consumption Festival

Festival To Be Held Alongside Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Expected to Attract 30,000-50,000 Consumer Attendees to SNIEC Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 LONDON. May 6, 2015...
tHIS  Picture

Final Countdown to World’s Largest Integrated Healthcare Industry Event tHIS

-The Health Industry Summit to inject momentum into China’s healthcare market- tHIS 2015 SHANGHAI. May 6, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE/ME NewsWire)-- With only days to go to...

ELC Group signs 1.5 million Euro regulatory affairs contract with Chinese pharma giant [PRESS...

Landmark deal ELC Group’s Concept to Commercialisation solution approach Cambridge, UK, 21st April 2015 – ELC Group, one of the fastest-growing providers of regulatory affairs...