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Baby Born Twice In Texas, United States

Shanghai Court Jails 11 People for Selling Fake Popular Baby Formula Brands

Shanghai Third Intermediate People’s Court on Friday, July 28, 2017 has sentenced eleven people, found guilty of faking and selling popular baby formula brands,...
Public Execution of a Criminal in China

Indonesia’s Execution of Humphrey Jefferson sparks Human Rights Violation Crisis

Indonesian Ombudsman office has unearthed evidence of human rights violations in the execution of a Nigerian drug convict, Humphrey Jefferson in 2016, an official...
Nigerians arrested in India for Drug related offences

Five Nigerians arrested in India for Drug related Offences

Five Nigerians and an Indian lady have been arrested by the Indian police, according to The Times of India. They were arrested for drug...
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping set for Showdown at Border with North Korea

Indications are pointing the direction that China could engage North Korea following series of missile tests by Pyongyang and the refusal of its leader...
Chinese shopping mall

Chinese Shopping Mall launches Husband Storage Facility

Shopping with girlfriends or wives may be one of the most tedious chores for men. A shopping mall in China’s Shanghai Municipality has solved...
Nigerian Girl tortured to Death in one of the Asian Countries

Shocking Video of a Nigerian Girl tortured to Death in one of the Asian...

I got this shocking video from a WhatsApp contact which showed how a Nigerian girl was tortured to death in one of the Asian...
President Muhammadu Buhari Speech

Muhammadu Buhari Reacts To Train Crash In India

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed shock over the death of 119 people in a train crash that occurred in India. According to the police in...

Communications App Supplier Line Plans To Set A Final Price

Communications app supplier Line increased the proposed cost for its first sale of stock (IPO) referring to solid request and economic situations, and could...

Lawsuit: Chinese Company Claims Apple Copied Its 100C Design For iPhone 6

It's tough for foreign companies to do business in China, so much that even Apple is having a hard time. After the iTunes Movies...

White Gold – China’s Love Of Ivory Is Helping To Fuel An Illicit Global...

The supply chain is complicated and often hard to trace, but it begins in the bush in Africa, where poachers kill an estimated 30,000...