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Can Don Jazzy Revive Iyanya’s Career?


With Iyanya, everything is about new beginnings. The singer is on a mission to completely pull up his stagnated career, and breathe new life into it.

There’s a part of Iyanya that appeared to have died slowly in his last days with Made Men Music Group. Watching him go through the motions on social media, post generic photos, drop thirst traps and generally just survive was sad to watch for those who were informed of his troubles with Ubi Franklin.

But with his exit from the record label, the singer clicked the reset button. The singer took time out from the label, relinquished his shares from the record label and went on a sabbatical from music. Within that time, he concluded all the legal implications of deserting your company, and then Don Jazzy called.

“To be honest, it wasn’t planned it just happened.” Iyanya tells PremiumTimes. “To be honest, I can’t remember when I left Made Men Records. It took me a couple of months for us to make this decision. After I released the single, Gift, last year, I left Made Men Music and I joined Temple Management.”

Mavin Records and Temple Management has so far been able to steer the conversation around the singer to the music, and how much new projects are planned. In the short term, there’s a new EP to be released. That EP, which will be his first body of work under Mavin comes out soon. But it is also a function of Don Jazzy’s eye for good business and his decision to be a part of an impressive movement.

“I needed to work with someone who understands the music industry and can help me fulfill the dream of getting my music right.” Iyanya says. “And that’s why I went with Don Jazzy. I chose him because I realized the need to work with someone to bring out the real Iyanya, which is the singing Iyanya, and at the same time, commercialize the music.”

The commercialization goal will be the biggest in the mind of Iyanya when the EP drops in the coming days. His team are building anticipation around the release, and they have begun to build anticipation around it.

But the key thing here shouldn’t be the money. The project will bring in money. Mavin Records promotional team will optimize its earnings and push the project to profitability. The main focus here should be a chance to complete the 360 degrees that his career needs.

Iyanya needs to start firing at the highest level, and this new EP will be his first attempt at making his name ring around the country because of the art. It’s his next chance at becoming a new star, and going back to his earlier success with MMMG.

This time the creativity is different. The team is different. The energy is pumped up. The stage is set.

Iyanya needs to deliver this once. And pick it up again. It’s his chance at second life.


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