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Jose Mourinho Celebrates With Son After Europa League Win

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and his son Jose Jr had a wild celebration pitch-side after the winning the Europa League title on Wednesday, May 24.

Manchester United beat Ajax in Stockholm 2-0 with goals from Pogba and Mkhitaryan.

That win gave Manchester United their first Europa League title and also gives them qualification for next season’s Champions League.

After the game, a joyous Mourinho and his son hugged tightly before the manager hoisted his son up.

It was soon the turn of the 54-year-old to be hoisted by his backroom team in a series of celebratory bumps.

This Europa League title- his second-eases pressure off him after the criticisms he received during the season.

“We always thought that we could win the Europa League and we are very happy,” Mourinho told BT Sport.

“We played intelligently, we did it in a comfortable way. We were much stronger than them.

“If you want to press the ball all the time, you don’t play short. If you are dominant in the air you go long. There are lots of poets in football but poets, they don’t win many titles.

“We knew where they were better than us, we knew where we were better than them, we tried to kill their good qualities and exploit their weaknesses. We did that very well from the first minute and we totally deserve the trophy.”


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