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Restructuring Will Assure The Agitators That There Is Hope For A Better Nigeria – Ike Ekweremadu


Ike EkweremaduDr Ike Ekweremadu, has said that Nigeria is better as a united country and should never be divided.

He said “Nigeria does not require to be fragmented at this time. There is joy in being together. There is benefit in being together.”

“There is advantage that is conferred on us as a country by our large population. What we need is giving everybody a sense of belonging and ensuring good governance.”

“The central government that once appeared necessary and beneficent has compromised, even jeopardised its standing by perceived highhandedness, unfair treatment of some ethnic groups and abuse of power.

“The powerful central government has made citizens vulnerable to bureaucratic manipulation and control and left them powerless, and reminded them at every turn that the promise of self-government has been eroded.

“Nigeria, and indeed African constitutions, should espouse federalism characterised by weak centres and strong federating units.”

‘’Currently, Nigeria has a very powerful centre, hence the need for devolution of powers.”

Ekweremadu mentioned that a restructured Nigeria would be in the best interest of everyone as each geo-political zone would maximise its potentialities.

“If we start this process, it will assure the agitators that there is hope for a better Nigeria.”

‘’We must continue to assure that the best way to go is restructuring, not dismemberment of the country.”


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