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Olivier Giroud Could’ve Joined Everton – Arsene Wenger

Arsene WengerArsene Wenger has mocked Sam Allardyce’s suggestion that Olivier Giroud’s wife blocked a move to Everton last summer, and confirmed that the striker will be sidelined until mid-January with a hamstring problem.

“No, I don’t think so,” Wenger said. “He could have joined Everton and stayed basically in London. I don’t think that was the problem.”

Allardyce made the comments at his own news conference this week, when asked if he thought a deal for Giroud could be made in January.

“I wouldn’t have thought so because he refused to come last time,” Allardyce said. “He doesn’t want to move north of London, I don’t think. Or his wife doesn’t. It is very important to the wives you know. Normally they are the bosses, I say that with experience.”


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