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Electronic Voting Machines Is The Way Forward – Nasir El-Rufa’i

Nasir El RufaiNasir El-Rufa’i recently updated President Muhammadu Buhari on the outcome of last Saturday’s Local Government elections and the use of electronic voting system during the exercise.

Speaking to State House correspondents after the meeting which was held behind closed door at the Presidential Villa, El-Rufa’i said he also used the opportunity to welcome the president from his recent trips to America and London.

On the use of electronic voting machines during last Saturday local government election in Kaduna state, the governor recommended the adoption of e-voting in future elections at both federal and state levels as panacea to election frauds in the country.

“Absolutely, I recommend it highly to everyone, I have already offered to my colleagues state governors that are yet to conduct local government elections that they can come to Kaduna and we can give them the machines on mutually acceptable terms.

“All you will need is to change the software, it will have the logo of the state and the number of parties active in the state, they can use it. It is easy.

“At federal level, I will recommend it as well because with the card reader and the electronic voting machine, the era of rigging elections is almost over and I think that is when people will have confidence in the process and will come out enmass to vote for their leaders.

“Having said that, I know we have been working on this for about one year before we got to where we are. Although it is possible for INEC to do it, it will be logistically difficult.

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“But nothing stops them from trying if the resources are available. Because, the machines have already been manufactured, the designs are there, you only need to place the orders to the Chinese and I’m sure they will deliver them in no time.’’


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