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There Is Nothing Like Reformed APC – Charles Idahosa

All Progressive Congress APCHonourable Charles Idahosa, one of the prominent leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Edo State recently resumed his political activities after taking a break to review the happenings in the party. He spoke on the 2019 elections and other issues.

“I am very happy and I want to say congratulations to the new National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, President Muhammadu Buhari and the all party members. This is the first real test for the new Chairman and, being a former governor of Edo whom I worked with as his political adviser for eight years, I knew he would not disappoint. It shows that there are great things to come for the APC. APC was on the brink and the greatest thing that happened was the wisdom of the party in bringing him and we are going to liberate other states still outside of the APC because I know how strong Oshiomhole is having fought many battles.

“People voted but you must understand that in this country; if you lose an election, you must look for stories. This guy called Ayo Fayose ran out of tricks. We all know what happened in 2014 when I and Oshiomhole and other people were supposed to go to Ekiti for a rally to help Fayemi campaign. We were to take off from Benin-City for Ado Ekiti; what you now called federal might is what they used to detain our plane at the Benin airport for hours. This was organised by Fayose, so I don’t know if that was federal might. Fayose said he won 16 over 16. Fayemi picked up his telephone and congratulated him; we didn’t go to court or say it was rigged. A young army officer who ran into exile narrated what happened, how he and his colleagues were used to manipulate the result of the election four years ago.

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So what they are calling federal might now, maybe is what they did that is haunting them because I didn’t see any federal might in the Ekiti election this time. A governor who abused his superiors and talked anyhow, owing workers up to seven months salaries and he now gave them bribe of N3, 000 and you expect them to vote for you? I am happy he is going to the tribunal.

“There is nothing like Reformed APC. Those are junk politicians. If you read a newspaper interview I gave some time ago, I said Muhammadu Buhari was doing very well but that, very soon, corruption will fight back. What you are seeing now is corruption fighting back. The money in the hands of these people is so much that they are ready to muscle every opposition. What is R-APC? In 2014, 2015, a group of PDP members who felt aggrieved and led by Bukola Saraki, left the party. Saraki is a creation of his father. Without Dr Olusola Saraki, I don’t think we would be seeing Bukola Saraki. But we all saw what he did to his father in Kwara because of personal ambition. So, Saraki, as far as I am concerned, has no respect for any constitutional arrangement. He decamped into a party and became the Senate President and he is complaining that he didn’t gain. Dogara became the Speaker of the House Representatives. Must you jump from one party to the other all in the name of getting positions?

Nigerians must learn to look at these people and see them for who they are. So, if they like, let them stay or go. APC under Buhari will win the presidency come 2019 because Nigerians are wiser. Buhari was a former military governor of the North Eastern State and later Minister of Petroleum and Head of State yet he has no house in Lagos, Abuja, no private jet or oil bloc. There are some inconsequential generals, if they were in a proper army, they will not grow to become captain. One of them told the whole world that he didn’t know what to do with the millions he owns, yet in this country we still accept them. Generals who retired at the age 34 or 35 and the only war they fought was some village skirmish!


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