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Do Not Believe The Hype – Idris Elba

naomie harris idris elba mandela ny premiereIdris Elba has reacted to latest rumors linking him to the role of the new James Bond.

On Sunday, August 12, 2018, after his name was, for the umpteenth time, linked to the role of 007, the British actor tweeted: “My name’s Elba,” an obvious allusion to the famous line spoken by Bond.

Hours later, Elba, who has for years been rumoured as the next 007, tweeted a photo of the rap group Public Enemy alongside a lyric from one of their favourite songs: “Don’t believe the HYPE …”

The tweets came days after a report in Daily Star alleged that director Antoine Fuqua said that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli intends to bring diversity to the role.

However, according to CNN, a spokesperson for Faqua said the report in Daily Star isn’t accurate.
For years, Elba has been a fan favourite for the Fictional MI6 agent James Bond character, and severally, he has dismissed rumours that he’s in talks with the studio to replace the current Bond, Daniel Craig.

In 2014, he told CNN that he’s open to playing the role. “It would be such an honor,” he said. “I mean what do we have to do here? We have to wear beautiful suits, drive nice cars, chase bad guys and date beautiful women? I dunno, sounds good to me.”

Also in 2014, a hacked Sony email revealed the company thought the actor “should be the next Bond”.

Elba responded via Twitter, asking “Isn’t 007 supposed to be handsome? “glad you think I’ve got a


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