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I Did Not Vote In 2015 – IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna wifeIK Ogbonna has talked about the need for Nigerians to come out and vote.

According to him, during the last elections a lot of Nigerians, including himself didn’t go out to vote which has made them voiceless with the way things are being run in the country. However, it is not too late as Nigerians should come out in the forthcoming general elections to exercise their right.

“Last election my friends and I were in a house, I think Alexx’s house and we had a bottle of Hennessy and we had food and were watching the election on tv and were voting on tv but we were not active. Because the mindset was, when you vote, they will still put who they want to put, the mind was it was going to be rigged, the mindset was what if you go there and something happens, so it’s better just sitting in the house and hoping this person wins or that person wins.

“So we got to realise that the people who actually decide the fate of Nigerians are the ones that have been bribed because the people who have been bribed are the ones going out to vote. You that have the opinion that you feel like you know what is best for Nigeria, you are in your house hoping that the right decision is made. So when you see the ratio of how many people have PVCs as to those voting, it is not balancing. If you see the number of eligible Nigerians and the number of those that go to vote, it is not balancing. So what happened to the rest number of people who were supposed to have voted.

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“Now we are all crying, I think we are only getting what we deserve, we are all crying about what is happening in the country. If we all came out and actively participated to decide the fate of this country, then we will be smiling today,” he said.

He went to admonish Nigerians to get their PVCs and participate in the forthcoming elections.

“Everyone should come out, Fela says suffering and smiling that’s how it is. Nigerians are the best people…we are so good at suffering and smiling, as something is hurting us we just wear a smile on our face. I have never seen anybody like Nigerians in my life, you know. It’s a different ball game altogether.

At the end of the day, how long do we want to keep suffering and smiling? So let’s come out and get our PVCs because without the PVC we cannot vote,” he concluded.


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