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Congratulatory Messages Will Not Deceive Me – Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom WikeJust 3 weeks after his swearing-in for second term in office as Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said he will not be blinded by congratulatory and goodwill messages on his victory at the elections.

He said that as a politician, he knows there are betrayals everywhere and he needs to be careful with who he trusts.

His words, “I am not carried away by all the congratulatory and goodwill messages. The Bishop of Ikwerre knows one man called Mpi; Mpi said when you are moving and you hear footsteps, watch whether the footsteps are with you or they are stepping back.

“So, as a politician, one group of people you must watch very carefully are the politicians. They are easily swayed. Some believe; when they believe, they believe.

“Something can entice politicians and they can change. If you watch what happened at the National Assembly, you can see that this is the attitude of politicians.

“You see the party has a position; before you know it, they are selling out themselves for one plate of porridge. This one has a case and he wants them to withdraw the case.”

“These things we know and we are guided by it. I will never let my guard down to say everybody is with me. The only person I can be comfortable with at all times is God. If it is a human being, no.

“It is difficult for me to give 100 percent trust that a man will continue to be like this or like that. The only person that cannot change is God.

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“For human beings, they can always change. That is why they are human beings. You can trust a human being, but be careful to open your eyes because anything can happen.”

“I will not go to bow to anybody; I will defend the interest of our state. As far as God lives, this state will remain a Christian State.”


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