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6 Funny Technology Hack That Can Easily Save Your Life


Some easy and effective tech hacks that can save your day.


In today’s fast-paced life, we encounter problems that need immediate and practical solutions. So, welcome to the world of life hacks. From fixing your hair with a pencil to making your Lego figurine as a cable holder, they are everywhere, and some of them are pretty creative. Here are few of the Technology life hacks to save your day.

Amplifying your regular smartphone speaker
We all know that Smartphone speakers are not that effective, and you need Bluetooth speaker to get the best sound. But if you don’t have a speaker, then you can place your Smartphone in a cup or bowl (Please make sure they are dry and clean). Place your Smartphone so that speakers are aiming downwards and Voila! You have successfully amplified your smartphone speaker.

Unfreeze your phone
Everyone encounters annoying frozen phones. It is when the phone stops responding to any command. This problem can sometimes be fixed by simply restarting the phone. If it still doesn’t work, plug the phone to the charger. Problem solved!

Proofreading your essay
You are a student who has papers to submit or even a writer like me; this hack would save a lot of time and energy. Copy-paste your text to google translate and click on the speaker and listen to it. You would be able to proofread it effectively. Also, the tool helps in picking up minor typos too.

Testing out the speakers
If you are buying a speaker or even a headphone, it is imperative to check just how effective they are. Try listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, as it has perfect low and high ranges that would help you to access your speakers correctly.

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Hiding people from your Twitter
There are many people on Twitter that you sometimes follow due to social pressures. Many a time you can’t even block them (like your chatterbox mausa Ji or mama Ji). Simply mute them, this way, you won’t encounter their annoying Tweets and won’t even offend them.

Cord protector
If you often face the problem of your cord fraying then take the spring from your ballpoint pen and wrap it around the cord. This hack would stop the cord from wearing down.

Try these hacks to solve some basic tech problems. Remember the key is work smarter not harder.


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