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Arsenal Should Pay Ozil Off ASAP – Martin Keown

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil
Popular pundit, Martin Keown has come out to blast Mesut Ozil’s recent attitude off the pitch.

He recently revealed that the Arsenal outcast needs to fall in line ASAP and stop losing focus after his recent payment of salary for a mascot.

According to him, the German midfielder’s continued presence despite contributing nothing on the pitch is starting to cause an unhealthy environment at the club.

He added that Ozil is not someone the other players can learn from and he needs to be paid off as soon as possible.

His words, “One assumes that Arteta would’ve given him an opportunity and he’s not really happy with Ozil’s work ethic,”

“He’s not someone the others can learn off.

“I actually think he’s got a good heart, because of what he does for charity, but when he questions giving up a percentage of his wage which affects everyone else, I don’t think it’s his place to do that. He needs to fall in line.

“If you think of the money it’s costing Arsenal… £18million-a-year, that the equivalent of the interest payments when they took out a loan on the Emirates Stadium. That’s how restrictive that has been.

“They need to cut their losses and pay him off. It sends a message to the group, creates a new culture, and allows them to move on, because at the moment it’s become unhealthy.”


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