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Comparisons With Fellow HMs Frustrated My Life After The Show – BBNaija’s Alex

BBNaija Alex
BBNaija Alex
Ex BBNaija housemate, Alex Unusual has come out to open up about her experience with depression after the reality show.

She revealed this during her recent interview with Ndani TV on Tuesday.

According to her, she actually prayed for death while she was battling with her mental health and crying for several days.

She added that some Nigerians even went as far as blasting her for not laughing like a celebrity amid the frustrating and constant comparisons with fellow HMs.

His words, “I have had to deal with my depressing state twice after I left the reality show.

”The first one was when I came back from South Africa. I had plans of going to my aunt’s house from the airport. At the airport, they were keeping us somewhere with security, then I heard some people wanted to beat me and I was confused.

“After that, they took me to a room and at least 10 people came to say they were my mum just because they wanted to see me.

”When my mum finally came, I laid on the floor and it was dramatic but no one understood what I was going through. When I was about to enter the car, my mum was trying to cover me and someone was pulling my hair, it was so hard.

”I went into depression the week after all these happened. I had to deal with people saying I was not laughing like a celebrity, I also had to deal with been compared with others.”


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