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Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer Lets You Train Smarter and Score More Basketball [REVIEW]


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr. Dish iC3 for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Ic3_logo_fnl Are you interested in a tested and proven system that improve your Basketball shooting range? Are you willing to be trained by a system that will become a PRO and thrives on Basketball competition? Do you want a perfect trainer that can you use at your own time? If you have answered YES to any or all of the questions above, Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer is the ideal system for you.

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The Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer is the only home basketball system that combines high-repetition training with proper arc shooting for improved performance in the shortest amount of time. It is a Basketball shot trainer that offers you smarter training and improve your skills while letting you score more and watch your shooting percentage go through the roof! With Dr. Dish iC3 Home Shot Trainer, you can comfortably give yourself an edge on competitions, extend the gym to your driveway and get in those extra reps at home.

Ic3_beautyshot_410x410 Amazing works of iC3 Home Shot Trainer works:
• iC3 catches and returns both made and missed shots. Don’t waste time running down the driveway, focus on shooting and getting in more reps!
• iC3 fits easily on most home basketball hoop systems, so you can run drills with incredible repetition for game-time muscle-memory in the shortest amount of time – it’s like a batting cage for basketball!
• It returns all your shots to any spot on the court (180 degree adjustable ball return ramp) – but it also provides immediate feedback on your basketball shooting form and your arc. Now, that is cool – check out the net, it makes you shoot with the right arc!

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More benefits of iC3:
With Dr. Dish iC3 shot trainer, basketball training has become a fun. You can easily create three additional training machines for various levels of coaches and players. These sleek automated shooting machines are infused with technology for more intense, game-like training. More so, iC3 lets you:
• Improve shooting, boost confidence and create the best opportunity to make the team!
• Maximize shots per minute with high-repetition shooting
• Improve accuracy and shot arc
• Develop muscle memory
• Increase shooting percentage
• Set up quickly and easily

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