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Eberechi Eze Is Learning A Lot From Zaha – Roy Hodgson


Crystal Palace coach, Roy Hodgson has come out to share the reason why Eberechi Eze and Wilfried Zaha have a good relationship. Roy recently revealed that they are tight friends because of their similar skills, abilities and strengths.

Eberechi Eze

According to him, when both players receive the ball, their footwork and ability to quickly change pace and eliminate an opponent is very admirable.

He added that Eze is definitely getting a lot of inspiration and knowledge while playing with Zaha on a weekly basis.

His words, “I think the rapport will revolve around the fact that they’re both so very, very good on the ball.

“When they receive the ball, their footwork is so good, their ability to quickly change pace and eliminate an opponent – they share that. They share that ability.

“They share that skill, which is obviously a very, very important skill.

“Both of them have got the strength and the power that when they’ve eliminated their opponent, they can keep on the ball, they can keep going, they can attack the next one.

“You’d have to ask Eberechi how much stimulus he’s getting and how much inspiration and knowledge he might be getting from playing with Wilf.”

“I think personally that the whole of the team are helping him improve his game. He realises as a player that is still quite young and has been a major sensation in the Championship, something had to improve and he had to make one further step up when he comes into the Premier League.

“But he’s a young man and has made it very clear that he wants to do that, and what pleased me most about his performance today, strangely enough, was that at 2-0 up at half-time having scored such a wonderful goal, in the second half he showed the intensity and the concentration and determination to defend properly to make certain we weren’t under the cosh in any way and at a risk of losing our 2-0 lead.”


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