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Facebook Launches New Service “Facebook Dating”


Facebook Dating, which launched in the U.S. last year, is now expanding its services to 32 European countries.

Facebook dating
Facebook dating

The rollout was originally planned on Valentine’s Day, but regulatory concerns caused the long delay.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) stated that it hadn’t received prior information about the planned launch, and was also informed about the February 13 launch date on February 3.

In addition to being given the short notice, the DPC wasn’t given documentation concerning the Data Protection Impact Assessment, the regulator said.

The service, integrated with the rest of the firm’s products, appears as a tab in Facebook’s mobile app.

It is able to pull users’ stories as well as photos from Instagram; and also users can initiate video calls via Messenger once they match.

There is also a Secret Crush feature that searches your Instagram followers; as well as Facebook friends for potential matches.

The Facebook Dating service is presently available in over 50 countries, which now include Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; as well as Denmark. Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Croatia; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Lithuania; Luxembourg; also Latvia; as well as Malta. Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Sweden; Slovenia; Slovakia; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Norway; Spain; Switzerland; as well as the United Kingdom.


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