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Bruno Fernandes Is MUFC’s Captain – Cristiano Giaretta


Bruno Fernandes would fit in at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus, Cristiano Giaretta has said. Cristiano Giaretta recently revealed that the MUFC’s statistics for goals and assists actually make him a potential contender for the Ballon d’Or.

Bruno Fernandes

According to him, Bruno Fernandes is already at the top, and he has been very decisive on the pitch for his football club.

He added that it is very undeniable that Bruno Fernandes is the real captain of the MUFC team.

His words, “Good question. It almost goes without saying that he would be fine with Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus.

“The truth is he could go anywhere, but in my opinion, he’s already at the top.

“Personally, I believe that Manchester United and the Premier League are the pinnacle of a career, a point of arrival, not of passage: I thought that as a player and I am still convinced of it, as a sporting director who aims to bring Watford back to the top as soon as possible.

“Then he will make his choices, he is an intelligent boy and will know what is best for him.”

“I hear from him often, even a couple of times a week.

“I can say that he is the same guy I met at Boavista, with a great personality, with the same desire to work to become the best: he is one who is never satisfied, who aspires to a lot, even in his humility.

“He will never say it, but someone with his stats can dream of important goals such as the Ballon d’Or.”

“Since joining Manchester United, he has made 44 appearances and scored 26 goals, without mentioning the assists and he plays for his team-mates. He has always been decisive.”

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“It is undeniable that Bruno Fernandes is the real captain of the team,”

“If others are important, he is essential. If I have to tell the truth it didn’t even surprise me too much from this point of view: at 18 he was already an adult in his head. The hard work did the rest.”


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