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FG Must Focus On Home Made Remedies For The Coronavirus – Paul Orajiaka

Muhammadu BuhariChief Executive Officer of Auldon Group, Paul Orajiaka has begged the Federal Government to focus on home-made local solutions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul recently revealed that besides looking for solutions that have worked elsewhere, FG must look inward for local remedies.

According to Orajiaka, because there is no known cure or vaccine yet globally to combat the virus, searching for herbal tonic and natural medicinal herbs to help Nigerians is not a bad idea.

He added that Nigeria is filled with several human and natural resources that can give us the solution to this problem.

His words, “We should as a country blessed with huge array of human and natural resources cannot afford to take a cue from small Island as Madagascar of about 26million people on how to develop herbal tonic if that is the only remedy possible at this stage”.

“I have noticed with some sense of concern, debates and diverse opinion regarding the merit or demerit of the Presidents directive. In my opinion, in the absence of any known Nigerian herbal tonic that has gotten the kind of international attention and acclaim the Madagascar tonic has received, it makes practical sense to give it a trial once it has gone through the validation process as directed by the President”.