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God Made Me Recover From Coronavirus – Gov. Bala Mohammad


Gov. Bala MohammaedThe Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammad has come out to say that he never intended to encourage self-medication to treat the coronavirus when he shared the drug he used while in isolation.

Bala recently revealed that he will not apologize for saying how he got himself cured of the virus because he never meant any harm.

According to him, even if he knows that it was God that cured him, he would not advise anyone to just sit down without doing anything to cure yourself.

He added that he is definitely not encouraging Nigerians to use drugs without a recommendation from health experts.

His words, “I was a COVID-19 patient; I told the world and I have been asked to say how I got cured and I told them how I got cured.

“ I recommended that should be done to other patients too; I have no apology for saying that I used chloroquine, Zithromax, zinc, iron, and vitamin C to get cured.

“However, it was God that cured me, and to me, it is better to take something rather than sit down and die.

“If you have symptoms of fever, you can take chloroquine to cure it; if you have symptoms of infection, you can take Zithromax to cure it.

“You do not need a Doctor, but the Doctors are prescribing; I didn’t take these things on my own and I’m not recommending that people should go and use these without the recommendation of their case managers.”