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Governor Aregbesola, Emir of Borgu Reiterate Need For Nigeria’s Unity

State of Osun Governor Rauf Aregbesola
State of Osun Governor Rauf Aregbesola

The Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, and the Emir of Borgu, Muhammed Sani Dantoro, have said the unity of Nigeria should remain uppermost in the minds of Nigerians in view of the current socio-religious crisis in the country.

The duo reiterated the need for the unity of Nigeria as a means to guarantee the continued existence among the citizenry.

A statement by the Bureau of Communication and Strategy signed by its Director Semiu Okanlawon quoted the duo as speaking When the Emir of Borgu Kingdom  visited Aregbesola at the Government House, Osogbo.

The Governor said the pursuance of the unity of Nigeria and wishing Nigeria well is the same thing as helping Nigeria to assist Africa to make an impact in the world.

He said it will be difficult for the country to grow if all that exists in the country is ethnic violence and sectarian struggles, which he said will always draw back the hand of progress of the country.

Aregbesola said all Nigeria needs as a nation to attain its desired height of greatness is for us all regardless of socio-economic, religious and ethnic differences, to work together in love and unity to meet the common good of the nation.

According to him, “As democrats, as patriots, as nationalists and as those, who believe in the unity of Nigeria, we must do the needful to make Nigeria great.

“If we are talking about Africa and the Black race, why Nigeria must be strong, great and progressive, resourceful and a leading nation in Africa, is because of her geographical composition and by the resources embedded in the nation.

“Nigeria is the only nation on earth that can rebuild worldwide the black image, that notion of a people that deserves respect, recognition and a good place among the diversified human race, Nigeria is the only nation with the capacity to so do.

“Wishing Nigeria well, we should use the power of greatness of Nigeria to foster unity, peace and harmonious relationship in various sectors.

“It is sine qua non to Nigeria meeting her historic responsibility to black race in African continent.

“Africa continent can only make impact in the world if Nigeria has used its correct position as the leading nation in Africa.

“Nigeria cannot so do if we are mired in the squabbles, unnecessary bickering and distorted aspiration occasioned by hatred, ethnic conflict and secretarian struggle.

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While describing the Emir of Borgu Kingdom as a royal family of patriots, nationalists and genuine democrats,  who believes that Nigeria deserves the best leadership, Aregbesola lauded the efforts of the Emir”s late father put together in promoting unity among Nigerians.

He added, “My administration has had a fantastic relationship with this kingdom as this could be manifested in things we had done together to revive the peaceful coexistence among Nigerian people.

“Whatever it is that we are experiencing today as a coalition or alliance between the North and the Western part of Nigeria, the father of the current Emir of Borgu played a huge role in facilitating and ensuring the ultimate consummation of the long expected harmony between the leading progressive politicians of the North and traditional progressive politicians of the West.

“The late Emir of Borgu spent a huge part of his life encouraging a fantastic and harmonious relationship with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President Muhammed Buhari.

“This Emir is from the family of patriots, nationalists and genuine democrats, who believes that our nation deserves the best leadership, who are dedicated and committed patriotic nationalists.

“This is what we should be doing in Nigeria to demonstrate our unity and our appreciation of it.

“The relationship between Yoruba and Borgu has in no doubt lasted for centuries. We have had an age long fine relationship and I believe that this your efforts will be a confirmation of our age long relationship and unity.

“So, I see this visit as a clear demonstration of your commitment to the greatest of Nigeria, which must be the concern of all us as we must all take a cue from this rather than fan the embers of hate, disquiet and unnecessary squabble and primordial sentiment.

“Let us promote anything that can uplift our nation in the interest of all in bringing love, harmony and preaching togetherness and encouraging inter-ethnic collaboration and cooperation and relationship that will facilitate stronger ties between and among ourselves.

“This is the only way to promote love, peace and unity, which could be translated to all round growth and development”, Aregbesola added.

In his remarks, the Emir of Bogu Kingdom called on the Governor to be at the forefront of championing peace and harmony among all the governors in Nigeria, stressing that Nigerians have a responsibility to work towards saving the country together.

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He urged the leaders and citizens in the country to continue to preach peace and love instead of religious acrimony for the country to continue to live as one.

The Royal father, who described clashes and crisis among humans as madness, explained that every Nigerian needs to continue to preach peace as emphasised by all religions.

The Emir of Borgu also called on leaders in the country to jettison political differences and anything that can hinder the unity of Nigeria, saying it is time for all to consciously work for the common goal of moving the nation forward.

“We have to do a lot to keep this country together. Nigeria is for everyone of us and we must do all we could to make this country work.

“The unity of this nation is a duty of all irrespective of our status and backgrounds be it social, political, religious or ethnic.

“We must see the unity and peace of Nigeria as a clarion call to duty. One of the responsibilities required from all is to preach peace and do our best in fostering unity, peace and love regardless of our tribe, religion beliefs, ethnic groups and political differences.

“We need to come together to speak and act with one mind sincerely so that this country can continue to be united and fostered for the benefit of all.

“Crises and clashes that have been happening in some parts of the country are unnecessary. It is a madness for a nation like Nigeria to condone such.  So we have to do our best to preach peace and put every possible end to this menace.

“It is our responsibility to surmount these challenges and address issues bordering on our peaceful cohabitation.

“We have to work together as a nation and champion courses that can make us more united than ever before.

“I want Governor Aregbesola to take a lead on the peaceful advocacy of Nigerian nation. Please use your good offices to canvass peace among your colleagues.

“I want you to be a champion that will lead your colleagues on the need to strengthen peaceful co-existence and unity of Nigeria.

“We want peace in all parts of this country.  You have been doing your best in this regard but I want you to double your efforts.