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Growth in gambling industry as a result of online casinos


People prefer to do most things from home nowadays. Whether it be shopping for clothes or ordering groceries. The internet has made this possible, and it has also left its mark on the gambling industry. Take a look at King casino and experience online casinos first hand.

Convenience and accessibility

Before the advent of online casinos, players had to physically travel to a casino facility in order to place a bet. This meant that many people could not visit a physical casino. For example some areas might not have a physical casino so players would need to travel to another area or even state in order to play, which let’s face is a lot of trouble. Now, however, all you need is an internet connection in order to place a bet.

Upgrades: Something for the millennial

Gambling used to be for the older generation, those who did not grow up with a cell phone in their hand and the world at their fingertips. However, offering online gambling has opened the industry up to a whole new clientele. Online casinos now cater to the millennial who are used to doing everything online. New and exciting games, bright colours and the promise of hitting the jackpot are attracting all the more young people.

3D and Virtual Reality Casino gaming makes online gambling even more attractive to young players. Where players had to be 18 and older to play in the past, online casino owners has no invented social casino games where teenagers can play for free, potentially breeding a new generation of online casino consumers.

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Less risks, more perks

Some players play simply for the fun and do not wish to bet a lot of money. To them winning is simply a plus. At land-based casinos there is often a minimum bet that needs to be placed in order to play. However, online casinos have lowered the bar by lowering their minimum betting requirements. People can thus play without having to spend large amounts. This attracts customers who are not exactly big risk takers but still enjoy the game.

With online casinos also come promotions and bonus offers. Consumers can get free no deposit bonuses that they can use as they wish just for creating an account at a specific online casino. This is a great marketing tool used to get more players.


Some people prefer to gamble anonymously for a variety of reasons. Some fear being recognised (when visiting land-based casinos) and others are simply careful of sharing personal information such as banking details when opening an account. However, online gambling offers a solution. Nowadays users do not need to enter any personal information and deposits can be done through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

Increased revenue

Online gambling has not only opened up casino gaming to millennial, but also people who might previously not have been able to physically place a bet due to inaccessibility. There is something out there for everybody. Whether you are an avid Blackjack player or simply enjoy slots. More players mean more revenue.