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Henderson, Pickford Will Fight To Be England’s No 1 GK – Southgate

Dean Henderson
Dean Henderson
England manager, Gareth Southgate has come out to say the spot to be the No 1 goalkeeper for England is up for grabs.

He recently declined to support Jordan Pickford as the country’s main man, thereby opening the door to Manchester United’s Dean Henderson and Burnley’s Nick Pope.

According to him, Pickford and Nick have made errors recently and Dean has only been playing League Cup games, so it is a position to fight for between the 3 goalkeepers.

He added that they are all young, vibrant, and decent goalkeepers who have bright futures ahead of them.

His words, “We know that Jordan has made errors, Nick actually made errors at the weekend and Dean has only played the League Cup games in changed line ups for the opponents so it is a very close contest,”

“All three, we wouldn’t have any hesitation of putting in goal.

“We will make a change tomorrow because it is a good opportunity to get other people on the field, and if you are taking goalkeepers away who are not getting the opportunity to play then that’s one of the hardest things.

“We have had keepers over the years who have retired because they have found it a really difficult situation to handle, so I think for the harmony of the squad and group, we have to give people the opportunities to show what they can do, as well as to have the competition. It is a very tight call.

“I always go back to the fact Jordan’s performances for us have been excellent. I am not oblivious to his performance at Everton but there can be lots of factors within individual performances at their clubs and we have got to try and help them be in their best form with us, regardless of their situation with their clubs.”


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