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‘I Apologise To All Ladies I Might Have Hurt In The Past’ – Joseph Benjamin


Actor, Joseph Benjamin took to his Instagram to apologise to females he might have hurt in the past.
The Kiss & Tell actor might have had this strange feelings that comes upon people at the end of the year, where they feel the need to apologise to everyone they have hurt in the past.
Or maybe the weight of what he has done weighs heavily upon his heart like burden.
‘This is me being real, and using this medium to apologise to every girl out there, that I must have hurt by no intents of mine. My life is a steady onward journey, I am learning everyday and every phase of my life teaches me. I fall and rise, and only made righteous by God, not by any good works I have done or will do. Please do accept my sincere apology, if I have never said it face to face. This is a public platform and hey if I am ashamed of who I was, and willing to let go of that and become a better person. I don’t think I should be ashamed to say it and become stronger’.