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I Don’t Believe I Cannot Remarry Again – Emeka Ike

emekaikepccEmeka Ike is ready to take his ex-wife, Emma, back but only on the condition that she ‘confesses.’

The Nollywood actor has come out to say this despite the fact that his wife was the one who asked for the divorce in the face of all his pleas.

Emeka Ike replied about his break from acting, “I tried to restructure the man, Emeka Ike. Emeka Ike is a leader and as a leader, you need to appraise and reappraise your empire and achievements. So, I have been appraising my constituency and I am happy that we are moving forward. At a point, you relocated to Abuja from Lagos.”

“I felt that my life was seriously threatened in Lagos. I have said it before that I am going to arrest some people very soon. In fact, some people took advantage of the AGN crisis to threaten my life and all that will be sorted out very soon by the police. I relocated to Abuja to avoid a situation where I would be walking on the streets of Lagos and a criminal would gun me down.

“I used my discretion to stay away while I watched from afar what was happening in Lagos. That was why that woman (his ex wife) is no longer living with me. God knows I am not a wife beater. I didn’t touch her and my children testified to that in court. I don’t know what came over her and who used her to blackmail me. But all that will be unravelled soon.”

On domestic violence accusations, “Have you watched that one movie, where the wife was saying “everything is alright between me and my husband. He takes care of me and provides all my needs”. That was the situation between my wife and I.

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If I didn’t know I would have blamed her sudden change of character on my enemies. I love her so much.
“Why would she blackmail me by claiming that I was always beating her up when I didn’t. To avoid the disturbing mess, I had to abandon my businesses and house in Lagos and find a new life in Abuja.”

“I wasn’t. I don’t even believe we are divorced and I cannot remarry again. I am a real Christian and Christians don’t divorce. I told the court that I’m not divorcing my wife but they went ahead and got an injunction against a High Court order.

“I must see to the end of this matter because they have put my children out there without a mother. She’s in pain wherever she is right now because I know they are dealing with her. I learnt that she was beaten black and blue by one wife snatcher sometime ago, beside Mobil Petrol Station on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. My own wife beaten up like a common criminal!