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I Never Wanted To Be Married – Funmi Iyanda


funmi iyandaNo Chill! Twitter users have not taken too lightly to Funmi Iyanda’s latest tweet on marriage.

The TV personality bared her opinion on marriage as it pertains to her person but her stand seems like a bitter pill to swallow for Nigerians who are pro marriage, happiness or not.

Iyanda noted that she has never wanted to be married but for those who wish it for themselves, she is very much in support.

The 45-year-old tweeted, “I have never wanted to be married. I like it for others who like it for themselves, but as for me, Ms Funmi Iyanda, no, thank you.”

As expected, Twitter came out in full force, with reactions ranging from asking ridiculous questions concerning the media personality’s sex life to giving unwanted advice.

Of course, Funmi seemed unperturbed in the face of the judgements hurled at her and in the end, all she had to say was,

Iyanda might have an issue being married, but she does quite well as a mother to her daughter, Mo, and thrives very well as an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, columnist and blogger.