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Mourinho Might Regret Selling Dele Alli – Tim Sherwood

Dele Alli
Dele Alli
Tim Sherwood has come out to say that Tottenham coach, Jose Mourinho might be wrong to keep Dele Alli on the bench.

Sherwood recently revealed that the Portuguese manager has gotten it wrong with certain players in the past, so it can surely happen again.

According to him, the fact that Dele Alli would instantly shine at a club like PSG means Spurs must be careful not to make a decision they will live to regret.

He added that Alli is a strong character who is still a good player and will prove doubters wrong.

His words, “He’s [Mourinho] obviously seeing something he doesn’t like in training, but Dele will only leave if it’s right for Dele Alli.

“He’s a strong character and has played a lot of games as a very young kid in League One – he played over 100 games before he moved to the Premier League.

“For £5 million, what a bargain! In the space of 12 months he was playing for England and worth £25m-plus. God knows what he is worth now.

“I think he’s still a good player, he’s just got to roll his sleeves up and prove the manager wrong.

“Jose has not always got it right in regard to seeing if a player can make it or not. Mo Salah springs to mind, Kevin De Bruyne springs to mind – they had to go somewhere else to prove him wrong. I think he [Alli] can do that.

“The last thing Tottenham want to do is let him go to a top club, like PSG. He will absolutely rip it up there and score one in two.”


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