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NIMC National Identity Number Enrolment for Nigerians in Diaspora

Nigeria NIMC National Identity Card Sample

Nigerians (at home and in diaspora) have been mandated to enroled for their National Identity Number (NIN). National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has made arrangements for Nigerians in diaspora so they can also enrol online and submit their biometric data at the designated centres outside Nigeria. Follow the instructions below:

1. You MUST fill your pre-enrolment application on NIMC’s website using the NIMC Diaspora Pre-Enrolment Form: https://diaspora.nimc.gov.ng/loginForm.tpl.html.php

2. Ensure you have one of the following documents;

  • Nigerian Birth Certificate
  • Valid Nigerian International Passport
  • Authentication letter from the Nigerian Embassy/Mission in your Country of residence (where you do not have a Nigerian Passport)

3. Applicants with Bank Verification Number (BVN) should have their number available when they attend their appointment.

Biometric Enrolment Centres:

The cost of enrolment and NIN issuance is $50 (US) for persons 16 years and above while it is $40 (US) for persons below 16 years old.

See the details of fees here: NIMC Diaspora Fees

Please note that without NIN, you will not be able to apply for or new your Nigerian International Passport, use Nigerian SIM cards among many things. The NIN will let you verify your Nigerian Citizenship (especially for children born abroad).

If you are unable to open the NIMC main website, visit the the LITE version at https://ww3.nimc.gov.ng

Share with others outside Nigeria so they are able to get enrolled.


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