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London travel card among gifts for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II was presented jewels, fine wine and a London travel card during royal engagements last year, a list revealed on Wednesday. The Oyster card was presented to the monarch when she marked the 150th anniversary of London Underground by…

FEATURE: How one UN volunteer found her calling

5 June 2015 – Nothing in Piera Zuccherin’s comfortable upbringing foretold her lifelong involvement as a volunteer. But today, she is one of the...

Amid fair trial concerns, UN experts urge Bangladesh to halt impending execution

9 December 2013 – Two independent United Nations human rights experts today urged the Bangladeshi Government to halt the execution of Abdul Quader Mollah,...
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Israel PM vows to continue settlement expansion

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue "developing" settlements following reports of US pressure ahead of a fresh round of Palestinian prisoner releases due later this month. "We will not stop, even for a moment, building our…

UN agency condemns Israeli demolition of Arab homes, urges adherence to international law

26 December 2013 – The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees today condemned Israel’s latest demolitions in the West Bank which have displaced 68...
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Al-Qaeda apologises for deadly Yemen hospital attack

A deadly Al-Qaeda attack this month on a Yemeni defence ministry hospital was a mistake and the jihadist network is ready to pay blood money, a top jihadist commander has said. The brazen daylight attack on the defence ministry complex on December 5…
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British papers poke fun at Scottish vote – April McFool!

An independent Scotland would drive on the right, replace the queen's head on coins and bring in UN peacekeepers with purple berets -- if Britain's newspapers were to believed on April Fool's Day. The Scottish independence referendum on September 18…
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Saudi jihadist held in Lebanon ‘in poor health’: medic

An Al-Qaeda-linked Saudi suspect detained in Lebanon is being held in a military hospital because "he is in poor health", a medical official told AFP Friday. Another official familiar with the investigation said the interrogation of Majid al-Majid "…

Citing humanitarian impact, Ban warns against further escalation in Gaza conflict

29 July 2014 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly urged all sides to avoid any further escalation in the Gaza conflict, warning of the...
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#Suspension: Hong Kong shares of Birmingham City holding firm suspended

Shares in Birmingham City's Hong Kong holding company were suspended Monday, leading to speculation the club will be sold, after its owner Carson Yeung was jailed for money laundering in March. "At the request of Birmingham International Holdings Limited…