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Russian-US crew blast off for ISS from Kazakhstan

A crew of two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut blasted off Tuesday from Kazakhstan on a Russian Soyuz rocket for the International Space Station, with US-Russia space cooperation pressing on despite the diplomatic standoff over Ukraine.…
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Americans say US Congress is worst ever: poll

Two thirds of Americans say the current Congress is the worst ever, while three quarters slammed the "do-nothing" legislature, a CNN/ORC International poll found Thursday. The negative attitudes were expressed toward leading lawmakers on both sides…
Nigerians in the US

Shocking: Nigerian Men In USA, Killing Their Imported Wives

I saw this piece on Facebook and thought of sharing with you for your views. Does it really worth they it went? Read and...
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Pope pays pre-Christmas visit to children in Rome hospital

Pope Francis on Saturday paid a pre-Christmas visit to dozens of children at a Catholic paediatric hospital in Rome, observing a decades-old papal tradition. Stopping in the hospital's chapel, the pope was given a basket containing handwritten messages…
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#Violence: More than 2000 Argentine hooligans will be barred from Brazil

More than 2000 Argentine hooligans will be prevented from entering Brazil ahead of the World Cup because they are considered to be violent, Brazil's Interpol chief told AFP. The 2,100 'barra bravas' hooligans are already the subject of banning orders…

Hungary To Sends 2,100 Police Officers To Control Border With Serbia

Hungary has announced it will deploy 2,100 police officers to help control its border with Serbia as record numbers of refugees try to enter...
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West Bank killings threaten peace talks: Palestinians

The Palestinians on Thursday accused Israel of a "dangerous escalation" after the army killed two people in the West Bank, calling the violence a deliberate attempt to scupper peace talks. "This dangerous Israeli escalation aims to thwart American and…
Recepp Tayyip Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan begins Gulf Region Trip

He said before his departure in Istanbul that no-one had an interest in prolonging the crisis. Erdogan will first meet the Saudi leadership in Jeddah...

Syria: first civilians evacuated from Homs after nearly two-year siege, UN reports

7 February 2014 – As the first of 2,500 Syrians trapped by war in the Old City of Homs without aid for nearly two...

Audit of Argentina's foreign debt necessary for accountability, UN expert says

29 November 2013 – A United Nations independent expert today urged authorities in Argentina to undertake an audit of its external debt to improve...