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NSE Releases List Of Top 10 Brokers In Volume and Value


The Nigerian Stock Exchange has today released a performance report on the weekly top 10 brokers by volume and top 10 top brokers value. According to the NSE, Apel Assets led with 673,703,084 shares which is 17.23% in volume, and Cardinalstone followed with shares of 323,334,711 and 8.27% in volume.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange
The Nigerian Stock Exchange

Stanbic Ibtc followed suit with a total of 280,719,364 shares and 7.18% in volume, while Hermes came fourth with a total shares of 236, 583,516 and 6.05% in volume. Rencap Securities have 190,048,295 shares which is 4.86% in volume.

APT has a total of 137, 597,746 shares and 3.52% in volume. CSL has a total of 136, 195,146 shares and 3.48% in volume. Meristem shares added up to 135,312,164 and 3.46%. Morgan has shares worth 116,161,856 and 2.97%.

Nigerian International Securities has 84,431,746 shares and 2.16% in value. The top 10 total volume shares added up to 2,314,087,628 which is 59.17% of the total shares for the year ended October 16, 2020.

The list of top 10 brokers by value has stanbic Ibtc leading with shares worth #7,502,209,080.02 which is 12.91% in value. Area Securities has shares worth #6,041,571,768.72 with 10.40% in value. Rencap has #5,276,883,548.62 shares and 9.08% in value. Hermes have #3,980,866,551.82 shares which is 6.85% in value.

Cardinal Stone have #2,821,593,856.98 at 4.86% in value. Cordros Securities have #2,619,284,858.10 which 4.51% in value. RMB has #2,067,094175 shares at 3.56% in value. CSL has #2,030,028,662.58 and 3.49% in value.

ARM has #1,949,213,081.93 shares and 3.35% while Nigerian International Securities has #1,899,459,734.99 in shares at 3.27% in value. The top 10 brokers in value constitute 62.28% of the total value.


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