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Ole Should Play Pogba, Fernandes Like KDB And Silva – Gary Neville


Bruno Fernandes and Paul PogbaPaul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes can play together as an advanced pairing in Manchester United’s midfield, Gary Neville has said.

Gary recently revealed that Ole should use both players further up the pitch alongside a DM for cover just like City did with Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva in past seasons.

According to him, having £150 million worth of midfield players on the bench is worrisome and it is not a good look when the manager does not play his best players.

He added that giving Pogba and Bruno more freedom to run forward will surely result in more goals for MUFC.

His words, “I think it’s a problem when you have a £150 million worth of midfield players on the bench,”

“You’ve got a player (Pogba) who has won a World Cup, he’s been dominant in Europe with Juventus, he’s Manchester United’s record signing – yet he can’t get in the team at the moment.

“Me and Patrice Evra disagreed before the [Man Utd vs Chelsea] game on Saturday. Patrice was disappointed with the team selected because he felt that Manchester United were rotating and not playing their strongest team.”

“I think Ole thought Saturday’s team was the strongest team. For me, I’ve never understood why Ole hasn’t tried – maybe he has looked it at in training and hasn’t liked it – why he hasn’t tried one sitter with Pogba and Fernandes in front, like De Bruyne and Silva. De Bruyne and Silva weren’t disciplined midfield players before Pep Guardiola came to Man City – he made them that.

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“That’s the only system I can see where it would be obvious where you could get those two into a position. More often than not, Ole has played Matic with Pogba sitting alongside and Fernandes in front. Pogba can’t play there well because you need to be disciplined, but with a one and two I think you can have a bit more freedom to run forward.”


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