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Plastic Surgery Before Giving Birth Is A Risk – Jennifer Obodo


Jennifer ObodoNollywood actress, Jennifer Obodo has come out to warn Nigerian women against going under the knife until they are done with childbirth.

She recently revealed that doing otherwise is an unnecessary risk that no lady should be willing to take.

According to her, she loves her body, and anyone who does not appreciate it should avoid her completely.

Jennifer added that she believes her height, beautiful smile, legs, and natural complexion is enough for her to succeed in the movie industry.

Her words, “I love my body and I am confident about it. Whoever doesn’t like the boobs or ass like this should avoid me.”

“I have all it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me edge over others in the industry. For now, I can’t do any liposuction.”

“Going under the knife when I haven’t given birth is just a waste of risk. I can’t go under the knife without birthing to all my kids first. I would also like to advise my colleagues; if at all you want to do it, wait until after child birth then you can do all that.”


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